Spoke to my HR Rep. I've been pounding so furiously on switching from SAP to some other technology that even he couldn't escape my plea! And this was the first time I spoke to him! He confirmed that thought it would not be possible for me to switch immediately, it could most certainly be accomplished in a year.


Sameer said…
And you believed him? These HR managers are trained to say that. They just evade you long enough for you to lose hope and stop pestering them. This is the same thing that happened to me and many of my friends. We were just not happy when our batch was randomly selected to be put into the Mainframe technology. At first, we annoyed them with all the zest with which we could. Soon we realised this was of no use. We even harassed our manager. The best reply that we got was the one similar to yours. Man, this is never going to happen.

At best, someday we could get to shift to some similar technology like AS400 and that also depends on the requirement.
Sameer said…
Although, I do not wish to discourage you. Keep pounding. Just make sure you don't end up getting pounded yourself.
Sameer said…
By the statement: - "We even harassed our manager", I meant that we even harassed our People's Manager and he is different from our HR manager. Some silly concept IBM has. We are directly under 3 different managers, People's manager, Project manager and the HR manager.
deepanjan said…
Man, this is the industry policy. We had been told right from the start that we wouldn't have a say in choosing our domains. However, after sufficient time, we could switch if we so desired.

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