It pays to enrich your bus power

Today was an auto strike and that left me without a mode of conveyance. I don't take the office bus as it's way too early for me (since I've the luxury of bench), and I'm not aware of the public bus routes. To make matters worse, it was raining. So I reached office totally drenched after a 45 minute walk thru the rain.
Office antics reigned supreme. Once again, Artes informed all & sundry to resend their time and expense sheets via their executable file. We were at our wit's end in trying to figure out how to configure the damned thing. My desktop didn't even have Outlook configured. Getting stumped (like so many other folks), I sought the help of a seasoned employee who readily agreed. Clara and I had to fill the expense stats too.


Vivek said…
Err ... heard of something called 'Umbrella'?
deepanjan said…
But have u heard of any umbrella that's 100% waterproof? I haven't. A 45 min walk is enough to wet anybody irrespective of his carrying an umbrella or not.
BTW, I did carry my beloved umbrella.
Vivek said…
Err ... you have to open the thing & hold it so that it covers your head.
deepanjan said…
I did all that. Helped...but not much.
sittu said…
open what thing?? and hold WHAT???
deepanjan said…
Now Sittu is getting horny! Pop those pills, will ya?

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