Phoned Uncle Raddi

Called Uncle Raddi just before I was on my way to the office. Mr.Raddi & family, as usual, were globe-trotting for the past 5 months and had only recently come back to India. When I reflected on Pune being a much better place than Bangalore, he quickly agreed saying that the latter is no longer what it used to be. Traffic, crowd, et al had ruined this once beautiful city.
I learnt that Nayantara was now history. In its place a multistoried building is coming up. Many people had tried to dissuade him from razing Nayantara, but pragmatic issues pressed hard upon him and he finally took a decision to the contrary. I have a lot of fond memories associated with Nayantara. It's so sad that Bhandarkar Road has been stripped of one of its landmarks. So impressive was its facade that all passers-by would give it atleast a glance. Uncle, Aunty and his mother-in-law have now temporarily shifted to a flat near Kamala Nehru Park. They will shift to the newly constructed flat in 2 yrs.
Uncle took my number and promised to intimate me in case he came to Bangalore. It was so nice talking to him.


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