Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A Personal Tragedy

I've always had to walk the extra mile to attain things that have only been an arm's length away for ordinary mortals.


sittu said...

An arms length = 1 cubit
1 feet = 2/3 cubit ........ (1)
also, 1 mile = 5280 feet ...(2)
from (1) and (2),
1 mile = 5280 * 2/3 = 3520 cubit
extra-effort% = ((3520-1) * 100)/1
= 351900 %

Hmmm.... that explains why ur all "sapped" up after coming from office.
P.S. This comment doesn't imply that I have nothing better to do in office. I have typed it while waiting for an FTP session to complete.

deepanjan said...

True, I'm Accenture SAPped!

Sebastian said...

That explains your slim figure.

below are a few banglore bloggers who team up occasionally on weakends to go out trekeing and rafting etc. you can get to know many more thru their blogrolls.
Some may be english speaking Tamil junta

deepanjan said...

Slim? No more! I can feel my belly wobble as I walk thru the streets of Bangalore!
BTW, the Bangalore bloggers thing was a nice find.


I generally dislike Wagner. However, I heard a piece by him today and it was sublime and breathtakingly beautiful.