Just a few hours into SAP & I'm already bored to death!


Sebastian said…
SAP = "Saab Admi Pareshan"
How long must I wait to see a picture clicked using ur INR 18K nokia. Put one up soon. I want to see the picture quality.

BTW did you see my blog a couple of links I have put for you to visit
deepanjan said…
Let me get my GPRS straight. This will take some time. I have some pressing issues on my mind.
Sebastian said…
GPRS your ARSE take a picture transfer it to ur PC using Bluetooth or IR or a pc cord and upload the dam picture
deepanjan said…
If only life could be that simple in Accenture! I can't install any software without prior permission. Let me find a workaround. GPRS is the simplest but most expensive solution. If simpler avenues could be found, they would be found! I'm at the bottom of the heap. Being a little higher in the hierarchy would have made things a lot easier for me.
BTW, if you have a multimedia enabled phone, I can send u some of the images.
Sebastian said…
I guess min is MMS enabled why not you try sending me an MMS
deepanjan said…
I'll try sending you an MMS 2nite.

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