Google Earth
If only all good things could be as good as this!
Sameera (the good guy) cribbed about not being given due credit for reminding me about the Keyhole phenomenon! I'll swoop in on that son of a gun via Google Earth & teach him a lesson that'll mute him for life.


Sameer said…
WHAT THE #&@$ YOU WORM!!! I am going to hunt you down and squish you. I was the one to tell you about this and you have the nerve to making a posting about it on this blog without giving me due credit. Enjoy living in that foul body of yours before I snuff life out of you.
deepanjan said…
Buddy, I was well aware of Keyhole long before Google purchased it. You only reminded me of it!
Sameer said…
Do you want Google Earth Pro??? I have it along with the crack.
deepanjan said…
Great! I'll contact u soon.
Sameer said…
And BTW, what do you mean by 'keyhole phenomenon'. Does it have something to do with the term 'ki holo?' you Bengaboys keep uttering?
deepanjan said…
U MarathiMonkeys always dabble with half-cooked ideas!

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