Thursday, August 18, 2005


Had a long chat with Sumit via Yahoo! Messenger. He's in Africa!
Ujwal called. Initially, I mistook him for Santosh; but his ringing laughter was an instant givaway! It was wonderful talking to him after so long a while.
Santosh called. He's at Manilal's. We are supposed to meet at The Forum tomorrow.


Sameer said...

What a dull thing your blog is turning out to be. I mean, Deep, look at the quality of your postings. None of them inspire one to continue visiting your blog. It merely appears as log of the inane things happening in your life. All these postings seem to have lugubrious feeling associated with them. They seem to reflect the unfathomable misery that seems to stalk you where ever you go. Man, do you reckon that only you have problems in your life?

You complain about SAP being too tough and boring. Man, the technology I have been put into, besides being boring and tough, is also an obsolete one and greatly hampers my chances of ever being able to leave this company for better avenues elsewhere. Now how does that sound? Feeling better already? I usually reach home at 9:30 in the night, much later than you do, right? Now did that make a good read? I bet it didn't.

When there was no one reading your blog, you did manage to conjure a few epistolary masterpieces. But look, now that you have a sort of a fan following, you seem to be depressing us with some hogwash and that too written as though you were coerced into scribbling them.

I hope my words haven't fallen over deaf ears and that you will make a sincere effort at improving the quality of your postings. As a loyal reader of your blog for a considerable period of time, I demand a better read.

Borrowing these words from one of Anon's comments made on your blog : - Stop throwing these biscuits at us and give us some meat to eat.

deepanjan said...

You have an escape hatch, MBA! I don't. I'm not complaining but this is a fact. I'm ususlly fervantly predisposed to a lot of things in life. Maybe, I accentuate only the sombre ones.
When it comes to literature, quality is an estranged cousin of quantity.I'm incubating some literature. Gimme some time.

Vivek said...

Good, Sam! Your complaints seem to have made an impact already.

sittu said...

Good one Sam, thanks.

deepanjan said...

Rob, I didn't get u. What did u mean?

Vivek said...

"When it comes to literature, quality is an estranged cousin of quantity" ,the best that has come out from you in the recent past

deepanjan said...

Sparks of my former self!
Even Milton would have been reduced to my level of mediocrity had he been saddled with SAP!


I generally dislike Wagner. However, I heard a piece by him today and it was sublime and breathtakingly beautiful.