Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Yahoo! Mail will soon have desktop-like features, thanks to the technology it acquired when it purchased Oddpost.


nin said...

What do u mean by desktop like features ?
will they provide free POP3 mail ?

deepanjan said...

Visit www.oddpost.com for details.

Ryan said...

As deepanjan mentioned, check out oddpost.com (or search for articles regarding oddpost.com). In short, the new mail is a rich DHTML experience that feels like using a desktop application. Messages can be dragged to folders to move them. A client-side cache speeds things up after the cache is initially populated.

One major difference between the new Y! Mail and Oddpost is that Oddpost only ever worked in IE on the PC. The new Y! Mail works in IE and Firefox on both the PC and the Mac.


I generally dislike Wagner. However, I heard a piece by him today and it was sublime and breathtakingly beautiful.