I'm Mobile (Nokia-6681)--->9886991714

Less time to m-use, more time to s-nap
Thus begins the saga, of my photoblogging crap!


Sebastian said…
Yous should have atleast put a picture of your Phone. Now I have to run to the nokia website to checkout your latest buy.

for the benefit of others here is the link to the nokia 6681


Dude your fone looks rocking. Cost please
deepanjan said…
Rs.17940, including VAT.
deepanjan said…
BTW, I tried to put a picture. The bandwidth was so poor, uploading became an issue. I'll do the needful soon.
Sebastian said…
My reaction

F*** MAN DIPSI spent 18K on a F***ING fone.

take the below code add a "<" before img and paste it in ur post. the image will be shown

img src="http://images5.theimagehosting.com/cho_main1.jpg" alt="Image Hosted by The Image Hosting" />
deepanjan said…
This was my most xxxpensive buy. I'm on an economy drive now!
deepanjan said…
Sabu, thanks for the photo link. But I think this one is better.

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