Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Chosen One...Yet Again!

Scene 1
Location: A Sify cafe in Ganguli Bagan
I logged into my account & switched to the chat mode (pulse of 60mins, Rs.10 per hr, login charge Rs.1). No sooner had I logged into my Hotmail account & checked a few mails than the power went bust. The UPS supported all the PCs...all except mine. So, in effect I surfed for 3mins & paid for 60. Waited for a quarter of an hour for power to return. Nothing happened.
Took an auto & left for another Sify outlet.

Scene 2
Location: A Sify cafe in Garia
I arrived here 10mins after I left the first in a dejected mood. All machines were occupied & I was made to wait for over half-an-hour. When I finally got my chance, I logged into my account, and as usual, switched to the chat mode. The bandwidth was so abysmal, even a dialup connection would seem like broadband when compared with it. ZDnetIndia's bandwidth checker simply refused to load.
History was waiting to repeat itself. I ust have surfed for around 20mins (which was actually worth 3mins of normal bandwidth) when mother electricity decided to abandon us once again. Not surprisingly, the UPS supported all machines except mine.
Construing this as yet another heavenly conspiracy against my genius, I resigned to fate & decided to call it quits.

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