Friday, May 20, 2005

Parting Pangs

The recognition was almost instantaneous. No sooner had I landed in Ranchi for project submission than my little buddies (mosquitoes) had started swarming from all over to poke their straws into me and steal my blood, which I'm pretty sure tastes like nectar to them. They must have dearly missed me during my absence. How did all the members of their fraternity come to know that I was in town? They don't have a Reuters or an AFP! I guess they use VoIP (Voice over Insect Protocol) to spread my fame far and wide. The penetrations were as deep and polydirectional as ever. I saw that our passionate relationship had not dimmed a bit during my hiatus!
But an enigma had been shattered. Scotland Yard tells me that there was a stealth MoU signed between Santosh and my little buddies. So Santosh never comes to my rescue when I'm being pursued by them...and in return they never thirst for his blood! Repellants were totally ineffective as they must be having their own covert R&D labs that come up with all the antidotes.

Dear mosquitoes,
This is where our avant-garde romance must come to an end. You must realize that ours was a relationship that was just not meant to be. Would society ever allow us to live in peace? Never! I was just not good enough for u. I remember how your nocturnal choir would sing from the finale of Beethoven's 9th Symphony and put me to sleep each night. I remember how you would moan and bite and demand outrageous physical stuff from me. I often ended up spanking myself. I'm sure you'll come across someone better than me... someone whose blood is sweeter. He will meekly submit to your relentless pursuits and then fall for your charms. It'll be a relationship based on deep and meaningful emotional bonding without a care in the world, society be damned! It'll be a fruition of your labour that you'll richly deserve.My prayers are with the guy who becomes your next object of affection.
I carry with me fond memories of you!

(We have a history. Click here for more)

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