Sunday, May 29, 2005

An idiosyncrasy

Santosh's computer seems to have a great affinity for floppies. Pushing a floppy into the drive poses no difficulties. However, everytime you press the Eject button, the drive complies...but only just. Essentially, the floppy still remains lodged deep in the drive and even the nimblest of fingers will not be able to extricate it. The user then needs to go on an overdrive and use all sorts of equipments with NASA-styled precision movements to extract the prized object. However, after all those excruciating labour hours (OK, minutes!) one feels ecstatic when the floppy is finally culled out of the drive. It's like a doctor helping deliver an oversized but healthy baby, or an estranged father gaining custody of his child after a lengthy legal battle!
I almost wish the floppy came out with an umbilical cord to snap! Maybe, there should have been a bar to raise a toast in!

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