There was apparently a case of stolen identity in our group. This harbingered a deluge of slanderous statements. The whole experience has left a very acrid taste in my mouth! People are now weighing in on the moderators to come up with some magical formula that will bring the culprit to book. Allegations and counter-allegations are the order of the day and most people are clueless about the efficacy of their wonder cure. The cumulative mediodrity of our group is appalling. These folks need an intellectual upgradation urgently. Perhaps I should be keeping to my blog!

Here's the bottomline: If our collective conscience can't uphold the sanctity of the group, nothing can.


sebastian said…
sittu said…
deepanjan... delete the last mail from ankesh NOW. and mail me back.
sebastian said…
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today 06-04-05
2 days of inactivity is this the lull before the storm

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