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I'm probably surfing for the very last time in Ranchi.
It seemed highly improbable, but I did finally fall for this place!

Dad is ill

The situation is very serious, but my folks at home won't delve into the details as they fear it will be pernicious to my studies. I pray and shed tears for the person I love the most.

Something Beckons!

A quick trip to the Training & Placement Department sufficed. Parts of this image file have been deliberately diffused to preserve privacy. The hype had been gradually building up over the past 4 months. The big day finally arrived! History ought to be preserved.

At last!

Dad received my speed post.
His constant queries on the status of my project sometimes irk me. Well intentioned, but awfully irritating. No offence meant, Dad!

Speed Post

I had sent a speed post to my parents on the 30th of last month. Still no trace of it. I love India!


Saurabh and Ashwini are desperate for a project. Aren't we all?
My Diary needed a wall paint. I love the new color!
Gives my pages a masculine and vintage ambience.

Spaces for the underprivileged

Lord, save Microsoft! MSN has come up with a poor immitation of Blogger. Come on, Bill! You can do better.
Blogger can throw tantrums at the most unexpected of moments. I wasted a whole hour trying to upload this image (via Hello)...with futile results. Perhaps it was the Microsoft factor that condemned me to that miserable hour! Intimidation at its sinister best!
Yahoo! Messenger...playing my radio station.
Had a paper on System Simulation and Modelling. It modelled hell and simulated me living thru it. Hope there is no deja vu!