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I've just witnessed the pernicious effects of overanalysis. It gave me the jitters!
I've been duped. A reprisal is in the offing.
Diwali was all set to begin with a bang, until the rain gods conspired to open the floodgates. The festival of lights lay paralyzed, held hostage by an ominous twist of fate.
However, our irrepressible spirits ultimately triumphed over the celestial designs & a spectacular show of lights, sounds and sparkles was gradually unveiled in all its splendour.
Muffled though the celebrations may have been, we had a whale of a time.
Blogging is bogging and bugging me. This novelty is a sheer waste of time, money and energy.
I was born great. The world cruelly tricked me and here I am, living thru the humiliation of mediocrity. What contempt of my genius!

Calcutta Chromosomes

I'm back in the spartan environs of the City of the Demented (Ranchi) after spending my fortnight-long vacation in the City of Joy (Kolkata). My holidays remained mostly uneventful & I got sucked into the myriad plots of the boob tube, stumbling across a great movie called Zelly & Me. Durga Puja faded into the backdrop. It rained cats and dogs for 3 days continually after Dashami.
Didi & family return after their tour of Darjeeling and its surroundings.
They buy a Sony Wega TV.